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wantAmix - Dual Esc Mixer

Mixing for any 3 position 3rd channel radio

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This product was originally developed by wantAsummit on the rccrawler forum. He no longer had the time to continue making and selling these so OverkillRC took the product line over.

This product is a dual esc mixer for radios that don't have this functionality built in. It was designed for use with the Spektrum DX3R and the Futaba 3PM-X . OverkillRC has modified the original firmware to make the mixer more predictable vs the original wantAmix firmware
  • Front Dig
  • Rear Dig
  • Proportional Mixing (Biasing)
  • Small (11/16" wide x 1-1/16" long x 1/4" tall before the shrink wrap)
  • Easy to use
  • Indicator lights
  • 2 ECS's
  • 2 Channels
    • The throttle channel
    • An Auxiliary channel
      • 3 Positions at minimum
      • Full proportional control is ideal
  • A small phillips or flathead screwdriver to adjust the neutral points
Networking Options
  • Standard Header
    • These are straight vertical pins that servo plugs will plug into
  • Low-Profile Header
    • These are similar to the standard header but makes the overall height about 1/16" shorter
  • 3 inch wired plugs
    • This is how the orginal wantAmix's were made. There are two female plugs for the esc's to plug into and there are two male plugs that plug into the rx.
  • 90* Header
    • This has horizontal header pins for the esc's to plug into and two short lightweight male servo plugs that plug into the rx.
YouTube Videos:
Proportional Functionality
DX3R Setup
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