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Sub Atomic Multi-Toggler

A very small panel with 5 operational toggle switches

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This Sub-Atomic Multi-Toggler could be the most awesome scale method of controlling the auxiliary functions on an RC car. It features 5 sub-atomic sized toggle switches that are 100% functional and ready to do some switching.

One of our main goals in the design process was to make operation and setup a breeze. Operating is extremely straight forward, as it should be, all the switches can be flipped either up or down. When in the down/off position, the indicator LED lights up red, this is meant to signify that the switch is in the off position. Once the toggle switch is flipped up the LED will turn green indicating that switch is in the up/on position. However, flipping the toggle switch does more than just change the color in some fancy LED; it actually switches between two different circuits (it can turn something else on and off at the flip of the switch)
It's really hard to beat the simpleness of operation, simply flipping a switch, but wiring it all up comes close. All that's needed is some very simple electrical knowledge and the wiring will be a breeze. To begin with, to make the LED's light up, simply plug the board into a rx or a 6 volt source. Now, wiring the switches is a bit more complicated, however its basically the same as wiring up a normal on-on toggle switch. Each switch has a 3 wire lead coming off of it, these 3 wires can be viewed as the 3 metal tabs on a normal toggle switch. If the operation of a toggle switch is confusing the installation guide has detailed info on how to wire it up. Last, but not least, the mounting. To mount this panel, simply stick on the cutting template sticker where you want to mount the board, then cut out what needs to be cut. After that, its just 4 bolts.
So there's gotta be catch, this seems to good to be true, well there is a catch. Each toggle switch can handle a very small amount of power, 0.4 Watts....Watts = Volts * Amps . If the math is done the toggles can only switch a 66mA load at 6 volts or a 133mA load at 3 volts; a normal 5mm LED pulls 20mA. So, in other words, this panel is useless when it comes to those high powered LED's, light bars, or even if one switch needs to control alot leds. But, it would be phenomenal if it only needs to operate afew LED's or maybe turn a esc on/off (replacing the stock on/off switch).
This was a huge problem for us, what's the point of building something like this if it can't operate most of today's high-tech scale lighting. This spawned a solution, however to keep the cost, size, and simplicity of the main control panel down, we made an additional circuit that can plug into the board and provide the increased switching power needed...in fact, the circuit is limited by the 22awg wire it uses for power the handling capabilities. For more info on this extra circuit please visit its product page
Technical Specifications:
  • Exterior Dimensions 1.46" x .75" *INSERT HEIGHT*
  • Circuit board Dimensions 1.41" x 0.89" *INSERT HEIGHT*
  • Requires a 6 volt input source for the indication LEDS
  • Each toggle can only handle 0.4 Watts (Watts = Volts * Amps)
  • Hand Assembled(soldered) in the USA (Golden, CO actually)
  • The circuit board and the aluminum panel is made in the USA
  • Parts are sourced from a USA dealer...but they are made elsewhere
What's Included?
  • (1) Toggle Panel
  • (6) Micro Plug leads (1 for each switch, and a spare)
  • Mounting Hardware
    • (1) Aluminum Panel
    • (4) 0-80 Hex Head Bolts
    • (4) 0-80 Hex Nuts
  • ***Install Guide***
  • Manufacturer
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