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GT3B Bearing Mod

Ball bearing smoothness on the steering wheel is priceless!!!

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One of the main reasons Flysky can offer a radio at such a low price, is by cutting costs anywhere possible. A prime example of this is the design flysky used for the steering assembly. A stock GT3B steering assembly is composed of afew major components This is the steering wheel, a position sensor, a shaft that adapts/extends the steering sensor to the steering wheel, return to center parts, and the housing/steering column. This is a pretty standard design of the steering assembly used in ground radio's; However, Flysky did leave out a nice convenience part, a support bearing. The shaft used to adapt the sensor to the wheel goes through the assembly housing. In stock form, the only support this shaft has is by resting on the plastic housing. At first. all seems good, but after continuous use, the plastic on plastic friction tends to wear out the parts and makes the steering wheel have a "wobble" to it. It also can create "sticky" spots once all the factory applied grease gets rubbed away and sometimes a squeak can develop.

To fix these issues, OverkillRC offers a very high quality bearing that installs between the support shaft and the assembly housing. A bearing at this spot will provide:
  • Proper support for the support/adapter shaft
  • Eliminates steering wheel wobble
  • Eliminates annoying squeaking
  • Eliminates sticky spots
This mod is rather easy. The only tools required are:
  • Body reamer (needs to go to at least 12mm)
  • Phillips head screw driver
  • Patience
In short, the steps to preform the mod, is to unscrew afew screws, ream out a hole to 12mm, install bearing, screw everything back together. At the bottom of the product description we have provided a link to a detailed installation guide with lots of pictures.
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