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Flysky GT3B

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This is a Flysky GT3B that has been reflashed with a new firmware and had other optional modifications. The new firmware turns this radio into one of the most feature rich pistol grip style radio on the market. It turns the GT3B into an fully featured 8 channel radio. Each auxilary channel is fully independent and can be controlled with the switches already on/in the radio. Also, the new firmware offers Dual ESC mixing, 4WS mixing, Timers, and alot more.

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The FlySky GT3B is a very good radio to start out with, The stock firmware has some bugs, like the expo doesn't work correctly. So this lead to fellow hobbyists writing and using a new firmware for the GT3B. At first the firmware simply fixed the bugs, buts its grown over time to offer a vast array of new features, models, and enhanced functionality!

However, flashing a new firmware and soldering on circuit boards is very nerve racking for some people, so OverkillRC offers them pre-modified, ready to go out of the box. 
This new firmware expands the capablities of the GT3B beyond what any other Pistol Grip style radio offers. The most notable of these is that it can control up to 8 channels independently. Each channel can be controlled in a wide variety of ways through the new key-mapping menu. Methods of controlling a channel can be momentary or non momentary 2 and 3 postion switches, semi-linear control with step rates, mixing to another channel, and through a feature callled Multi-Position. What Multi-Position does is provide up to 8 ACTUAL positions that can be cycled through in any order with a rocker switch (to cycle forwards and backwards) or simply a push button switch to cycle through one way only and it'll create a loop.
Also, the Key-Mapping menu not only lets a channel be mapped to a switch/key; It also allows most of the other settings to be adjusted as well on the fly with a switch. For instance, trim, exponentials, dual rates, etc can all be adjusted with a switch while you are driving. 
Another very useful feature that is usually only found in high end model radios is mixing. The new firmware has a mixing menu for Dual ESC's and 4WS. These mixes can also be controlled via any key with a wide range of control options. 
For a full list indepth description of all the new features. Please see the feature tab.
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  • Firmware
    0.6.1, 0.4.2
  • Additional RX
    3 Channel RX, 6 Channel RX, 8 Channel RX
  • Voltage Regulator
    Yes, No
  • St. Wheel Bearing
    Yes, No
  • Install Header
    Yes, No
  • Include Programmer
    Yes, No
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Score: 5.00. Votes: 2
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  • Jim Harechmak
    Jun 15, 2017, 04:55 PM
    Been beating my overkill GT3B like a rented mule for 5 or 6 years now. Only used 5 out of the 8 channels thus far but I'm glad the extras are there. The only recommendation I can give is don't leave it in the car on a 100 degree day because it'll warp the clear cover over the lcd panel.

The FlySky GT3B is a very good radio to start out with, The stock firmware has some bugs, like the expo doesn't work correctly. So this lead to fellow hobbyists writing and using a new firmware for the GT3B. At first the firmware simply fixed the bugs, buts its grown over time to offer a vast array of new features, models, and enhanced functionality!

 The stock firmware inside of the Flysky GT3B is far from spectacular. Functionality is limited to the bare bone options and there is some bugs, such as the exponetials not working correctly. This lead to a memeber on the RCTech forums known as psx to start modifying the firmware to fix the bugs.
However, it didn't take long for psx to write a new firmware from scratch to create more functionality. There has been many revisions to this new firmware over time, currently it is at revision 0.6.1.  Each revision has added additional functionality to the radio and/or fixed a bug. 
psx's firmware has been dorminate for afew years after the stable and well versed release of 0.6.1. However, OverkillRC has started development on expanding the firmware. We have been selling pre-modded radios and firmware flashing kits since the beginning and have put hundereds if not thousands of hours on these Flysky radios. Using an extensive knoweldge of previous customer requests for features and our own personal experiece we plan on expanding it's feature set even further to fulfill the wildest fantasies and beyond. 
Firmware Version:
OverkillRC recommends 0.6.1, its is the most current firmware, offers all the previous features/functionality (Nothing has been tossed out), and so far seems to be stable and bug free. However, after 0.4.2, the UI(mainly the acronyms used) was changed, so if you prefer the old UI, we recommend 0.4.2. This is because its the same as the proven 0.4.1, but is ALOT faster than 0.4.1....0.6.1 is slightly faster than 0.4.2. The other popular firmware was 0.3.2, however it has some bugs and has no advantages over the 0.4.2


Voltage Regulator:

The VR upgrades changes the voltage regulator that comes stock with a new insanely efficient switching regulator. This regulator is probably overkill by being approximately 90% efficient and nearly DOUBLING the amount of run-time before changing the batteries.

Steering Wheel Bearing:

The GT3B in stock form, has no bearing support on the shaft that supports the steering wheel and connects the steering wheel to the position sensor. On a new radio, this usually isn't a huge deal, and flysky usually applies a little grease to the area for enhanced smoothness. However, after a fair amount of use, it tends to wear and becomes "wobbly", not very smooth (sticky spots), and sometimes it'll start squeaking. So by boring/reaming a larger hole in the steering column, we can place a premium bearing on the support shaft. Which eliminates any wear, provides ball bearing smoothness, and no annoying squeaks!

Header Installation: 

We have special equipment that allows us to flash a new firmware to a GT3B without the installation of the header. The header is a piece that is soldered to the GT3B's circuit board and allows the programmer included in our firmware kits to interface with the computer chip (the brain). By having this pre-installed, you simply need the programmer and a windows pc to upgrade the firmware at a later point in time. We'll also upgrade the firmware for you free of charge (customer pays shipping both ways) if there is a header on the radio installed by us...if its a GT3B sold by us, w/out a header, then it's a $5 fee (plus shipping both ways) to flash a upgraded firmware on it. Back to the header, we'll solder on the header and cut a precise hole in the side of the radio so the programmer can easily plug in without the removal of any screws.


This includes a programmer so the radio can be upgraded to a new firmware at a later point in time. It is the same programmer included in our firmware kit.

Additional RX:
The Flysky GT3B comes with one 3 channel receiver in the box, however, a 3ch rx can't put to use channels 4-8, so we also offer the option to include an additional rx, at a reduced price, to put them to use. Or, if you just need 3 channels, we still will pass the price reduction for the 3ch rx. If you need more than one additional rx, we offer them separately.



OverkillRC has modified 100's of radios, test and calibrate each one before shipping, and guarantee our worksmanship will meet or exceed your expectations...we'll fix, replace, or refund your order if a modification performed by us fails or if the quality of the mod is not whats expected (stated in product description). However, since we have no control over Flysky's quality control, we cannot guarantee the life of the radio...it may last a month it or it may last an eternity. With that said, in the rare case that a radio sold through us fails within a month, we'll work with you and offer you a replacement at a reasonable cost (Usually our cost, depending on the circumstances)  


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